Who We Are

Al Habtoor Properties was formed in 2008 by Mr. Rashid Khalaf Al Habtoor, the company was setup primarily to service the Al Habtoor Group’s building management contracts and to be the exclusive leasing of the towers, also to benefit from the rising sales boom in the UAE real estate market.actually do.
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Our Mission

Productivity constantly is the lever of trust we accept.

Our Vision

To be the brokerage of choice for anyone considering buying, selling or renting a property in UAE and to reach out for each developer and individual as the most recognized and trustful brokerage in the region.

We listen carefully

 We listen carefully and act instantly.

A Very Dedicated 

We are always their handling our clients affairs. 

Confidential Consulting

We guarantee you a return on investment. 

Real estate World

Al Habtoor Properties has an excellent track recording the successful property management and high return on investment across the region since it was formed.

A word from the CEO

The UAE has emerged as the business capital of the Middle East, leading in areas such as tourism, real estate, financial services, the oil industry and its tremendous growth during the last decade, in the field of construction. Attracting world attention through many innovative large construction projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain.

As a country, our heritage began with the dreams and forethought of our wise leaders inspired to achieve the unachievable. With the improvement seen in the financial situation of the Country, we are optimistic about future prospects.

Our goal for the future is to further pursue our expansion and diversification efforts, with renewed dynamism and continued commitment to develop, expand and create new opportunities for our partners.

A word from the Managing Director

We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients in order to build loyalty by delivering exceptional service.

CLIENTS – the most valued part of our business. Our main focus is to deliver outstanding service and build a loyal customer base.

TEAM – is our most valuable asset and we work together in an atmosphere of fun and respect. We support each other to deliver exceptional customer care and achieve our personal goals.


We are trying to build a stable, safe and profitable platform for developers, investors and brokers to interact professionally in order for us to be respected, recognized and admired in the real estate market in Dubai and the region.