Affordable Housing in Dubai

Affordable Housing in Dubai

The year 2017 has brought some good news for Dubai residents and opened an opportunity for affordable homes. Dubai has moved from an investor based market to a high-end user-led market. The efforts have been raised to find a way to fill the gap between the working class and luxury market to find affordable homes.

Living in prime locations has been always the preference although there are a lot of expats who can not afford or do not prefer having luxury apartments. Therefore, the discipline now, in Dubai, is raising the number of affordable apartments in and around Dubai.

As the world’s number one destination for business expansion in the middle east, Dubai had to work on a solution, therefore, keeping the high-quality standards, safety and beauty it is known for.

Back to Property Time Magazine, we are planning and organizing a new concept which will be the first real estate Boutique in the middle east.
We are creating a poll of different developers from Egypt, Turkey, Georgia, India and the UK un Al Habtoor Properties umbrella on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Al Habtoor Properties will be opening soon in Egypt in a step that supports Dubai vision for housing.